Connecting Dreams and Urban Innovation

At TrudoShare, we’re not just another startup. We’re on a mission to transform urban living through innovative approaches, customized experiences, and meaningful connections. We want to empower you with authentic urban lifestyles, irrespective of where you live. Our journey began with a desire for something extraordinary in the digital commerce realm – to provide a personalized touch for every customer.


Urban Living Redefined

Imagine a world where urban living isn’t just about hustle, but a tapestry of culture, nightlife, arts, and convenience. TrudoShare envisions this reality, where authenticity is celebrated, whether in Canada, the US, or Brazil. Our platform is a blend of social media, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce, offering a unique perspective on urban lifestyle.


Our Team: Passionate Individuals

Débora is the driving force behind TrudoShare with one goal – to break free from the conventional and redefine the urban experience. Débora’s journey, from Ananindeua to São Paulo and finally Edmonton, shaped her passion for urban living. Marcelo’s expertise as an urban planner brings depth to our vision. Their collaboration led to the birth of the Trudoshare trademark, driven by a mix of marketing and urbanism, aimed at enhancing your life.

Marcelo Figueira

Co-Founder, COO, Urban Explorer and Blog Writer

As an urban planner and co-founder, Marcelo brings cities to life through his words. His blog narrates his personal journey and urban discoveries, connecting our audience with the essence of TrudoShare’s mission.

Debora Lobato:

The Visionary Co-Founder, COO

Debora, a true urban spirit, co-founded TrudoShare. Her journey from Ananindeua to Edmonton symbolizes her commitment to redefining urban living. Her passion for authentic urban experiences drives our vision forward

Rafaela Lobato:

Support Member, Brazilian Connection

Behind the scenes, Rafaela supports us from Brazil. Her dedication ensures a seamless experience for our audience. She’s the bridge that connects our global vision to our roots in Brazil.

the future

Where We’re Headed:

Beyond Boundaries

Our journey is dynamic, ever-evolving, and boundless. We’re committed to enhancing your urban experience through our masterclasses, courses, and unique insights into urban culture.
debora lobato
Co-founder, COO

Welcome to TrudoShare – Where Dreams and Urban Living Unite

TrudoShare isn’t just a venture – it’s a movement that empowers you to embrace and thrive in the urban world. So, join us on social media, follow TrudoShare, and embark on an urban adventure like never before. Our Mission: Empowering Urban Lifestyle.


Masterclass and Courses:

Learn and Grow

Blogs are a gateway to a world of urban wonders. We aim to fuse personal experiences with urban insights to create an engaging and enlightening read. Through TrudoShare’s masterclass and courses, the learning experiences shared in the blogs truly shine. We want to contribute to your understanding of urban living, offering practical skills and perspectives that have enhanced what we have learned about urban lifestyle in new ways never thought possible.
Marcelo Figueira
Co-founder, COO

Blog: Stories and Urban Dreams

We understand that embracing urban living involves continuous learning. Our masterclasses and courses provide insights into the art of thriving in cities, offering you valuable skills to navigate the urban landscape. From fashion and trends to practical urban living tips, we’re your guide to making the most of your city life.

our ventures

TrudoRealty and TrudoFAWZ: Our Expanding Universe


TrudoRealty: Your Urban Home

Our journey doesn’t end with TrudoShare. TrudoRealty is our sister venture, focused on redefining urban real estate. We’re not just helping developers and builders to create projects; we’re offering a way of life, a community that understands the intricacies of urban dreams.

our ventures

TrudoFawz: Where Fashion Meets Urban Expression

Fashion is a language that speaks volumes in cities. TrudoFAWZ, another extension of our vision, merges fashion and urban expression. It’s a platform where you can curate your urban style, blending culture, trends, and individuality effortlessly.